Rewrite your Story: BUT HOW?!?

Them: Don’t like your story? Then rewrite it!

Me: BUT HOW?!?

Exhausted by the calls to “rewrite your story” that don’t also offer practical advice and steps to take to actually *do* the rewriting? Me too, friend.

That’s why I wrote my second pitch to next year’s Alt Summit all about the how of revision, which is the least discussed and most important step in the rewriting process. Here’s what I think:


Rewriting your story is one of the most life-affirming acts of self-possession you can commit to; it's no surprise that it's also one of the most terrifying and, sometimes, confusing. I'll guide you through the process of identifying, re-seeing, and rewriting your story so that it reflects who you've become.

The current chorus of passionate voices urging us all to "rewrite our stories" is a song I've been dying to hear. As a writing professor and coach for 11 years, I've devoted myself to coaxing people's voices out into the world as they put pen to paper and write themselves into new lives and ways of being. I have had the distinct privilege of being the first person to tell someone that they have something no one else does--that they have the right to be who they are and share that with the world in black squiggles on a white blank page. To believe that fact is a silent revolution; to understand it is to quiet all those voices in someone's head that convince them that they aren’t remarkable enough, “like them” enough, different enough, smart enough, extraordinary enough to matter. To know it in their bones and fingertips is pure power. They want to show everyone what it means to walk in the world as they are: how it feels and what they're made of. They're ready to show the world who they are. And? They're terrified.

Without any guidance or instruction about recognizing a story and revising it, "Rewrite your story" becomes another trite piece of advice with no practical application.

That's where I come in. Revision literally translates to "re-see", which means we'll need to use the gifts of hindsight and perspective to reconsider the significance of our life experiences and what bearing, if any, they have on us now. Utilizing a number of reflective exercises paired with practical writing tools, this roundtable will equip attendees with the ability to re-see and rewrite their life stories so that they more accurately reflect the masterpieces they have become.

Sounds kind of awesome, doesn’t it?

If you want to hear more, VOTE for this pitch to be presented at next year’s Alt Summit!

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