Become Who You Are

I wrote this pitch for Alt Summit 2020 because if I know anything about anything, it’s how to become. I want to share it with you because this is the story I’ve been living and breathing to tell, and the time is now.

Do you ever wake up at 2:00 a.m. because you’re mortified about something you did a decade ago? Your hair is matted to your forehead, sweat trickling down your temples, as you remember that awful thing you said that broke someone’s heart. As you roll over and flip your pillow,, you tell yourself that you’re not that person anymore; it’s okay--you’re okay. You’ve grown. You’ve changed. You wouldn’t do that now.

How do you know who you’ve become without acknowledging and forgive yourself for who you’ve been? So many of us carry the weight of seventeen selves with us every day without realizing it.

We make friends and decisions and entire lives without bearing witness to the beautiful process of becoming that has gotten us here.
We forget who we’ve been in favor of hustling toward some idea of who we’re supposed to be.
We don’t stand in front of mirrors; we’re too busy to look back at photo albums and images of our past selves.
We don’t let ourselves see our own reflections, in part because we don’t recognize who is standing in front of us.

We don’t deserve to live unwitnessed lives.
We don’t deserve to keep our identities tethered to what we can produce and how we can serve others. We need to see ourselves for who we have been so that we can become who we are.

This roundtable will explore the ways in which we can engage in reflecting on and identifying ourselves for ourselves first through writing and call-and-response exercises. Using a straightforward and easily replicable four-step process, we will learn about the limits of labels, shedding our “shoulds”, making a mess, and picking up the pieces to render identities that resemble the womxn we’ve become while honoring those we have been.

This is for the womxn who want to remember who they were before they were told who to be. With a series of writing exercises, coupled with a pragmatic process for Marie Kondo-ing your identity and sense of self, you’ll render a self-portrait that is undoubtedly & uniquely your own.

Wanna hear more? Public voting is open until September 25th at NOON PST. You’ll have to create an account, but it’s completely painless and then you’ll be able to vote for up to nine other panels, presentations, workshops, and talks that you’d like to see at next year’s Summit!

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Become Who You Are

Marie Kondo your sense of self

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