Where I'm From



I am from plaid kitchen placemats, two gallons of Purity 2% milk, and pioneer invader trees.

I am from the unassuming.

I am from the purple iris, the liriope grass.

I am from a box of new pajamas on Christmas Eve and crooked front teeth, from Murril and Juanita and Lacey and Willie Ray.

I am from the stubborn and high strung.

From "Put a coat on that baby" and "Get back inside or you'll catch a cold with that wet head."

I am from Martin Luther and John the Baptist and J. Percy Priest. 

I am from Independence, Kentucky, broccoli chicken soup without the broccoli and fried potatoes.

From the new rope, evening kiss, and Oodie Boody.

I am from the sitting room walls, six boxes in the basement, and the mantle in my living room.


Kelly CutchinComment